Real Estate Open House Tips

Real Estate Open House Tips

As soon as your house is ready to hit the market, one of the 1st recommendations is hosting an open house.

In order to have a successful open house, we recommend the following tips.

1.Hire cleaners to deep clean the home. The worst thing during a showing is having to last minute clean ups and any surprises. Avoid them at all cost.

2. Make the necessary repairs. Its always best to make sure to make the home as aesthetically beautiful as possible. Clean the lawn and make sure all the sinks, appliances, and outlets do work. Its the little details that make the deals fly in.

3. Decorate the home. Its best to take the time to organize the furniture, remove the clutter, and make the home beautiful. Take the time to make the house look very presentable. Its recommended to add beautiful pieces, such unique platters, pillows, or small decor.

4. Make a video. Take the time to make a nice video of the home to post online. Post on it every social platform. This will drive up interest before the open house event!


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