Tiger Eye Facial Roller

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Tiger’s eye is a gemstone with a cat’s eye effect. It is mostly yellowish-brown and has silk-like light patterns in the gemstone. Tiger eye stone is one of the varieties of quartz. This gemstone can be made of crocidolite fiber silicon for pseudo crystal replacement.

The blue variant produced by the unfinished process of silicification is called “Eagle Eye Stone”. Generally, it has black and yellow tones, like tiger patterns, but also has blue, yellow and black colors called blue opals. Opals are often called “noble gems” through a series of changing.

Together with alexandrite, it is one of the five most precious and high-end gems in the world. Opal is mainly produced in gas-forming hydrothermal deposits and pegmatite dykes. Tiger’s eye is a variant of wood alexandrite. The quartz fiber of tiger’s eye is shorter than wood alexandrite, and the direction is irregular, arranged in any direction like a pattern.

The world’s largest deposit of tiger’s eye and wood alexandrite is located in Transvaal Province, South Africa. In addition, it is also produced in Brazil and Henan, China. The price also depends on the color. Generally, the surface is flawless, and the eyeliner is clear.

Thus, tiger eye roller benefits as following.

  1. Improving overall health and radiance of the skin
  2. Reducing puffiness of the face
  3. Promoting lymphatic drainage
  4. Relieving facial and jawline tension
  5. Boosting circulation to encourage glowing skin



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Tiger Eye Facial Roller

Tiger Eye Facial Roller

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